sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2012

That's me !!

Hi everybody !!! My name is Maxi Garrido and i'm 15 years old . I live in Coria Del Rio , Seville.
I'm tall and fat .I 've got brown long hair and brown eyes .I'm  very outgoing , i'm very loyal , i like being with my friends .

I'm studying at the virtual class , because i've got cancer and i always stay at the hospital , because i need quimioterapic , I'm a red bracelet !!In my opinion is a great idea , because people with an illness , have got the right to learn.

I like football , my favourite team is RBB , i don't like golf , i love watching tv and playing with my friends . My hobbies are watching tv and playing on computer , and in my free time i usually watch football matches or football programmes for example canal+league, i like go to the cinema too, i like comedian films , my favourite film is Ted .

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