martes, 15 de mayo de 2012

My city !!

Hello Rafa ,
I've heard that you want to  move to Coria  . I'm going to tell you some advantages and disvantages , i'm from coria , sometimes is very boring but if you love sports you've got the cangilon , you will play footbal , paddle , tennis and basketball because it has got a lot of sports courts .Coria is very relaxing , Coria has also got four parks , so if you wont to walk and play with yoou friends or family is the best place . The restaurants are good , but is difficult to decide one .
But there are some disvantages , it hasn't got cinemas or shopping centres and we always have to go to seville to go shopping or to the cinema                                                                                                      .See you soon Maxi                   .

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